Planning Applications

How Complete is your data?

From 2022 onwards:

We collect data from the planning authorities on a weekly basis. We are checking the data we collect for relevance and accuracy and upload it into our system. We are currently experimenting with the ‘shape’ of our product and service. To keep costs low we can currently guarantee the uploading of the ‘cleaned’ data at the end of every month. However, if you want to pay a little more for this to be carried out weekly, then please let us know. We are flexible.


Historic Data:

We are dependent on the quality of data that is submitted on the planning application forms, and the availability of these forms. Some local authority data is available for up to 15+ years, some only a few years. Data rich environments are found in Edinburgh and Aberdeenshire, while East Lothian and West Dunbartonshire have limited data available.


As of July 2022, we have 48,000+ data entries and adding 300+ entries per week. We are cleaning this data so that you only see entries relevant to new-build housing. The data we show is further reduced so that its easy for you comprehend. For example, some developments have multiple planning applications. We have occasionally seen up to 15 applications over a 5-year period.  We use our discretion to select the Planning Application Reference with the most relevant and up to date information on the housing development. We don’t display applications that relate to minor updates in the design or roadworks etc. Because there is not necessarily a 1:1 relationship between planning application and development, sometimes the number of homes we state in the index card will not match the text in the application. This is because, where relevant, we have adjusted the number of homes to reflect the development under construction.


If you have a development you would like to add, please email data@bocreate.co.uk. Please provide details of the local authority and planning reference number.

How Accurate is your data?

We are constantly cleaning this data and aim for it to be as accurate as possible.

  • Some of the issues we have had are:
  • Some applications forms have no location specified, so we cannot locate them on our maps
  • Some historic application forms are not available at all
  • Some applications are mis-categorised, (e.g. Major/Minor)
  • Local authorities classify developments in different ways. (e.g. in some LA’s the MSC ending can cover anything from trees to housing developments of over 100+ homes)

We are finding the missing locations and recategorizing so that Major and Minor developments are correctly identified.

How do you manage multiple applications on any given site?

There are often multiple planning applications for any given development. Our preferred core application reference is the first one with number of homes and location. Pre Planning applications often do not have a specific number of homes. More specific data on the planning application and related applications can be found in the LA planning portals. The reference we identified can be used as a guide for your search.


Once we have established the land parcel, over time we intend to add significant applications as they are submitted, so that you can see a history of applications & planning decisions on any given land parcel.

Marketing Data

How complete is your data?

We have chosen 550+ development sites to monitor. These are all sites that are Under Construction or Complete and have 20+ units.


Plots marked ‘Reserved*’ are properties that are no longer advertised For Sale, so we are making the assumption they are Reserved.


Plots marked ‘Reserved’ are properties that have been confirmed Reserved by the developer or sales agent. 


The asking prices for all major developments are updated weekly. Smaller developments are updated monthly.


If you have a site that you would like to add to our monitoring programme, then please email the details at data@bocreate.co.uk

How accurate is your data?

We aim for 100% accuracy and spend a considerable amount of time checking this. If you find any mistakes, please let us know!


We need to add the usual caveats around floor area calculations. Some developers have provided their exact floor areas, some we have calculated from data available. There may be discrepancies. We welcome updated data.


Our NET calculations have been derived by deducting significant plot specific incentives. For example, the LBBT incentive is calculated and deducted from the Gross Asking Price, whereas free flooring is not. Some developers offer incentives across the board rather than on specific plots. These are not applied to the plots in our system but recorded as statements in the Financial Options box above.


When we record the % complete for both Construction Progress and Marketing progress, it is a judgement made by our surveyors when they visit the construction site and analyse asking price data.


We continually update data as developments progress. Changes in prices are tracked continuously, whereas other changes, for example a change in the number of homes built, are checked periodically.

What other datasets are you considering?

There are a number of potentially useful datasets that we can incorporate into our system. In due course we intend to ask you which are most useful to you. Examples include sales price data, demographics data, housing relevant strategic plan data and maps, transport systems data, land opportunities data, construction cost data etc. We are also considering adding information on suppliers and professional agents related to the housing developments, for example, building contractors, surveyors, architects etc.


We welcome suggestions and ‘votes’ for any of the above.

What are your membership Levels?

While we started with several different membership levels, we have discovered that our customers so far have all wanted the full system.

The full system consists of:

  • Full access to our map based database and search & save features
  • Planning applications updated monthly
  • Access to Asking Prices information for 500+ developments updated weekly for the volume housebuilders, and monthly for up to 70 other developers.
  • System, data and features updates as available

Membership gives you access to geo-spaced housing related planning applications, construction and marketing progress on 500+ developments including asking price lists, related £/SQFT/MSQ, house type (flat/semi/detached), no bedrooms and approx. Reserved dates.

How are you charging?

We charge an annual membership fee. Most of our customers take a site licence.

What if I have technical problems?
Can I talk to someone on the phone?

Yes, please email lesley@bocreate.co.uk with your name and phone number and we will ring you back.

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