Research & Development

The development of the BoCreate technology has been supported by EPPC at the University of Edinburgh, an internationally renowned centre for High Performance Computing.

Building from the data we are collecting, pipeline R&D projects include analytics around land features, land and property ownership data, holding company ownership data, demographics data, site features including planning requirements, carbon scoring and community engagement.


In 2019, in partnership with MoliorLondon and The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis in University College London, BoCreate undertook a proof of concept in using AI as a predictive tool. Using Molior’s London data, we developed predictive analytics on construction start, completion times and delivery times. As more data is collected in Scotland, we plan to extend this to cover carbon impact, transport and community integration and pricing.


As data is collected over time, the analytics will identify underlying trends and the causes and influences on those trends, thus identifying levers for change.

As available data increases, we plan to fold this into our products creating an easily accessible data rich environment.


We would very much like our R&D programme to be prioritised by our members, and welcome input at all times. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.

Partners & supporters

Who are we?

Lesley Gavin

Lesley is an Architect turned University Professor turned Entrepreneur and new business innovator.

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After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, Lesley worked as an architect in Edinburgh and lecturer in Scott Sutherland school of Architecture in Aberdeen. She went on to work for Denys Lasdun and the Richard Rogers Partnership building luxury housing in London, then to the Bartlett Centre for Virtual Reality where she worked on projects with ARUP and Foster+Partners among others. From this she launched a VC backed data visualisation company, which she grew to having offices in London, Chicago and New York.


Lesley has now returned to Scotland and is reigniting her initial passion for architecture and housing, bringing together her skills in data, technology research and a determination to provide value for those working hard at building our communities of the future.


Lesley has Bachelor in Architecture (Herriot Watt), MSc Computing and Design (University of East London), MBA (London Business School) and is currently an Honorary Professor in the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London. She also helps UKRI with technology investment decisions and is a scientific expert to the European Commission where she has advised and monitored investments in the Smart Cities technologies.

Cris Blyth

Cris is a polymath with a passion for data.

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Her role in BoCreate brings together her interest in urban and rural policy with the wish to be grounded in Scotland. Cris moved to Scotland from Brazil where she studied Agricultural Engineering. She has been diligently tracking land and housing developments in Scotland since October 2021 and has accumulated a mountain of useful data. She is our GoTo person for what is happening where in housing, right now.

Dr Alistair Grant

Technical Consultant
Alistair is our Technical Director and general all round Data Architecture Guru.

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Alistair leads on all BoCreate development work. He is part of EPCC, the High Performance Computing Centre in the University of Edinburgh. He has been working with a core team here at BoCreate. Our strong connections with the university mean that we can pull on the wide range of expertise available. As we grow our products and services, we anticipate referring to experts in Natural Language Processing data visualisation, GIS and Artificial Intelligence.

Sanjay Rakshit

Sanjay oversees all things technical on a day-to-day basis.

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He designs the overall software architecture and enthusiastically leads on new product development. He runs a tight knit team of software engineers with diverse skills ranging from AI, Cloud, DB design and API design, to Interface Design and UX.


He is a technology professional with over 25 years’ experience. He is an alumnus of the University of Edinburgh and has two master’s degrees in AI. His passion is the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in creating cost-effective solutions that support customers in becoming more efficient through streamlining processes and supporting knowledge-based decision making.


In his free time, he plays a bit of sport and climbs up some of Scotland’s easiest mountains.

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