We track and map new build housing in Scotland

The BoCreate product suite provides detailed, verified information across the whole supply and demand pipeline from land through to individual units sold.

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Working with EPCC, Edinburgh University’s super-computing team, we are developing models to collect data on new build housing developments across Scotland. We collate planning data from local authorities, market data from agents and developers and add our own proprietary data gathered through site visits and interviews. We are bringing this all together in an easily searchable map-based product.

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Building your business case has never been easier.

BoCreate products inform your business decision by arming you with data about what’s going in where, what’s being sold and for how much, and what’s likely to come next. Building your business case has never been easier.


Who Is BoCreate For?

This service is for everyone working in new build housing delivery in Scotland.

BoCreate products are particularly useful for Real Estate Investors interested in investing in New Build Housing and Property Developers intending to build new homes. The service allows you to gain insight on whole market activity from site identification through to completed homes, and ultimately sales achieved. The data and analytics provided by BoCreate informs investment decisions and increases accuracy in viability calculations and potential revenue projections.

The products are also useful to architects, surveyors, planning consultants, environmental consultants, viability consultants, building contractors and material suppliers. As we bring on more and more datasets, BoCreate members will have access to geographic and company specific data across the housing pipeline. This is aimed at giving advance notice of sites being considered, and the companies involved, thus informing your potential contract pipelines.

Sales Agents will find the service increasingly useful over time as asking prices and sales prices are built up by geography and tenure.

Products & services

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Products & services

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Planning Data

Launching November 2022

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